Baby boy set

I’ve loved making baby things again.  I decided to make a sweater, pants, and hat set for my new nephew.  This was the first time I’ve made pants and frankly, I’m not so sure they’ll fit even a baby–but they sure are cute!  The pattern says it’s for 3-6 months, but I really think they’ll be for a newborn, which is good, as he’ll be born in December and will be able to get more use out of the set.

Baby boy set

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In Bloom Pillow

So I got a bit distracted from the baby gift I need to make and found myself making a pillow cover instead.  🙂  One of my couch pillow cover’s zipper broke and instead of buying a new one, I decided to make one.  I found a beautiful pattern online called In Bloom CAL Pillow (crochet-a-long) and had all the yarn already in stock, so I got busy and started crocheting. 🙂  This pillow cover turned out beautiful….I might make another one for the other couch pillow form and change the colors up a bit.  But first, I will make my baby gift.

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Cross-stitch Stocking

In January I started another cross-stitch stocking for my last child, my youngest.  This project was a challenging one, unlike the other stockings I’ve made.  My eyes have been getting dimmer and more and more difficult to focus.  To make a long story short, I had cataracts that were worsening rapidly.  My eye doctor recommended me for cataract surgery and I had the surgeries in June and July this year.  Since the surgeries and with reading glasses, my sight has vastly improved and the cross-stitch became so much easier to do.  🙂   I’m so happy with how it turned out and to finally get a break from cross-stitch.  I have another nephew on the way and I look forward to crocheting something as a gift.  DSCF1261

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Ponytail hat

My sister sent me a picture of a ponytail hat and asked if I would make it for her running buddy. Amazingly, I found the identical hat on Pinterest with a free pattern!  It used a hair elastic for the hole at the top and will stretch to fit the ponytail/messy bun/etc.  It was a quick, easy project.



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Monet Plaid Afghan

It was brought to my attention that I forgotten to post this afghan back in March 2014.  I made this for a friend, she picked the pattern & colors.  She uses it for a lap blanket for when she watches TV.  monet-plaid-afghan

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Christmas projects

20160905-gideon-stockingI made another custom stocking for a local customer.  This stocking pattern is based off a knitted version that was made by a passed-on relative.  She wanted the same stockings for her daughter and her family.  So far, I’ve made 5 stockings for her.  20161219-shark-blanket2






My sister requested a shark blanket for her son for Christmas.  I was able to find a pattern online and it turned out great!  Apparently, he can fit his whole body inside and loves being “eaten” by a shark!


20161221 2 Stripes & Checkers.jpgMy dear friend requested 2 more blankets for her home.  I’ve made this pattern for her before, so it was just a matter of ordering yarn.  She asked for 2 of the same colors as the previously made blanket, and I had some leftover from it, so I was happy to save her a little money and use the leftover yarn for this project.  Once I received the additional yarn needed, however, I compared the old to the new and discovered the new yarn was much thicker than the old yarn, and there was less length in the skein as before.  There was no indication on the yarn that it was “New” or changed from the previous kind–it had the exact same name and weight.  Because it was bulkier, I had to order more to compensate for not being able to use the leftover stash and the fact that the new yarn didn’t have as much length in the skein.  The blanket is made in strips and put together at the end.  The strips turned out much wider, so I only needed 4 strips, instead of 5.  All in all, they both turned out really nice.  Lesson learned, check the yarn to make sure it hasn’t changed since the pattern was written.

My sister saw a child wearing a Seattle seahawk hat and se20161231-seahawk-hatnt me a picture of it–“Can you make this?”  Loving a challenge, I did a Pinterest
search and found a similar pattern being sold on Ravelry.  I had all the right colors in my stash and “poof”, the hat was done!

I’ve decided I need to work on another cross-stitch stocking, for my last child.  We’ll see how long this one takes…

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Summer projects

It’s been a busy, productive summer!  I made a baby blanket for a new niece.  My sister-in-law listed colors that she liked and I just happened to have them all in my stash.  I think the colors look nice together.

20160629 Baby blanket

In between projects, I made several dozens of snowflakes to restock my stash for the coming Christmas.

Then my single sister-in-law announced that she was engaged!  I decided to make a St. George temple cross-stitch for her as a gift.  The original pattern had blues for the windows and architectural details.  Since she mentioned liking the color lavender, I decided to use shades of purple instead of blue.  It turned out nice, if you like the color purple.  I hope she does!  DSCF0258

Next, I’m working on another custom Christmas stocking for a client of mine.  She has one made for each grandchild and she just announced the birth of grandchild #4.  Then onto 2 blankets a friend asked for.  Life is good when you can crochet.  🙂

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It is finally done!

After almost 10 months of starting, stopping, and starting again, the stocking for my son is finally finished!  I’m so happy to have it ready for next Christmas.  In the meantime, the crochet to-do list has been getting long again…  I have 2 nieces due this summer, my Christmas snowflakes stash has dwindled, and a friend has requested 2 more afghans.  Looking forward to getting back in to my favorite hobby and having a break from cross-stitch.  🙂

Ryan stocking

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Project Memories

About 15 years ago, I had a dear friend and next door neighbor and I wanted to make something special for her.  She loves all things Christmas and I found a beautiful pattern of a Christmas wreath afghan.  I was just starting to really enjoy crochet at the time and felt I was up to the project.  It was one of my first multi-piece projects and I was still learning how to weave in  and secure loose ends.  Fast forward to a few months ago and this same friend was on FB talking about her Christmas decorations–I remembered the afghan and realized I didn’t have a picture of it, so I asked her to post a picture of the afghan.  She  did so and I was so happy to see that she still enjoyed the afghan, but was dismayed to see some of the pieces coming apart.  Not wanting the afghan to further unravel, I asked my dear friend to send it to me for repairs.  The before pictures:

What a trip down memory lane, to have this afghan in my hands again!  Upon close inspection, I could see the main problem was my slipknots in the center of the circle pieces–the ends had not been secured well and they had slowly loosened and come out.  Thankfully, I was able to salvage the existing yarn and secured the slip knots with a tight knot and a better weaving of the loose ends.  After fixing the unraveled ones, I went and checked the remainder of the slipknots and finding nearly all of them about to come apart as well, I fixed them too.  I hope the results of my repairs will last many more years and bring much more enjoyment to my dear friend.   Below is pictures of the afghan, all fixed and ready to return.

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Mermaid Blanket

My sister sent me an email saying, “I found what you want to make for me!” and in it was a link to a mermaid blanket pattern. 🙂 Seeing that her birthday was coming up, I decided I’d do it for her. So I pulled out a bunch of scrap yarn and went to work. I think it turned out well and she loves it.

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